Item Height

Item Width

Screen Display Size


Processor Brand

Processor Type

Processor Speed

Processor Count

RAM Size

Memory Technology

Hard Drive Size

Hard Disk Description

Graphics Card

Graphics Card Ram Size

Number of USB 3.0 Ports

Operating System

Average Battery Life

Item Weight


Backlight keyboard

Dolby Sorounding Sounds

Windows 10 Pro Licence


Intel HD Graphicset


Standing screen display size

Form Factor


Graphics Chipset Brand

Batteries Included

‎Lithium Battery Energy Content

No. USB Ports

Windows 10 Pro Licence Y












Processor Count 4

Model Number

Screen Size

Laptop Weight


Pixel Pitch


Maximum Resolution


Minimum Order Quantity

Item model number

Product Dimensions

Computer Memory Type

Flash Memory Size

Power Source

Screen display size

Screen Resolution


Memory Speed

Hard Drive

Graphics Coprocessor

Chipset Brand

Card Description

Wireless Type

Number of USB 2.0 Ports

Average Battery Life (in hours)

Packaged Quantity


Max Turbo Speed

Number of Cores


64-bit Computing


Configuration Features


Installed Size

Data Integrity Check

Rated Memory Speed


Widescreen Display

Monitor Features

Diagonal Size (metric)

Display Resolution Abbreviation

SSD Form Factor


Graphics Processor

Memory Allocation Technology


Wireless Protocol

Wireless Controller


Supported Flash Memory


Memory Card Reader

Product Line




Other Feature

Optical Drive



In The Box

screen display size

Hardware Platform

Hard Drive Interface

Package Dimensions

Batteries ‎

Are Batteries Included

Lithium Battery Energy Content

Lithium Battery Weight

Country of Origin


Notebook Display Technology

Hard Disk Rotational Speed

Audio Details

Graphics Card Description

Number of Ethernet Ports


Included Components

‎Black Form Factor

Item Height ‎

‎ Batteries

‎Intel Processor Type

Graphics Graphics Chipset Brand

Manufacturer ‎

RAM Size Memory

Maximum Memory Supported

‎Operating System

‎Product Dimensions

Max Screen Resolution

Memory Type

Memory Clock Speed

Are Batteries Included ‎

Connectivity Type

Number of HDMI Ports


Number Of Lithium Ion Cells

Sales Package

Model Name

Suitable For

Power Supply

Battery Cell

Processor Name

Processor Generation

RAM Type

HDD Capacity

Processor Variant


Clock Speed

Expandable Memory


Graphic Processor

OS Architecture

System Architecture


USB Port


Multi Card Slot

Hardware Interface


Screen Type


Sound Properties

Wireless LAN



Web Camera


Pointer Device

RAM Memory Installed Size

CPU Speed




Secondary Camrearfacing

Microphone Type

Inbuilt Microphone


Video Recording


Memory Layout

Ram Type

Memory Slots

Ram Speed

Display Type

Display Resolution

Display Touchscreen

Display Features

Display Size

Pointing Device

Fingerprint Scanner


Operating System Type


Wireless Lan

Bluetooth Version

Ssd Capacity

Battery Type

Sd Card Reader

Usb 30 Slots

Headphone Jack

Usb 20 Slots

Microphone Jack


Part Number

Battery Backup

Dedicated Graphic Memory Type

Dedicated Graphic Memory Capacity

SSD Capacity

Processor Varian

RAM Frequency


Mic In

Internal Mic

Sound Chip


Disk Drive

Finger Print Sensor

Lock Port

Security Chip

Backlit Keyboard

Additional Features

Hard Disk DescriptioHDD

Item Model No.

Speaker Description

Number of Audio-out Ports

Number of Microphone Ports

Number of VGA Ports


Graphics RAM Type

Rear Webcam Resolution

MS Office Provided

Touch Screen

Warranty Service Type

Covered in Warranty

Not Covered in Warranty

SSD Disk Size

CPU Model


Item Height‎

‎Processor Type

Hard Drive Size ‎

‎ Lithium Battery Weight


Media Engine



Supported Scaled Resolutions




Charging and Expansion

Keyboard and Trackpad


Video Support


Audio Jack

Battery and Power

Power Adapter

Electrical and Operating Requirements

Included Software


Dolby Surrounding Sounds

Windows 10 Pro License


Item Dimensions LxWxH


Device Type


Anti Glare Screen


USB Ports


Card Reader

Microphone In



Solid State Drive

Hard Drive Sizec


Brand ‎

Item Width ‎

Wireless Communication Technology

Model Manufacturer


Flash Memory Size ‎

Hard Disk Size

Special Feature


Expand Ram

Screen Display


SSD Size

Optical Drive Type












International Warranty

Model Name/Number


Graphic Card

Number of Usb 3.0 Ports

Ports And Connectors

Power Cord


Maximum Display Resolution


Hard Disk Technology

Lithium battery Weight

Number of Lithium Ion Cells

Number Of Lithium Cells

Graphics Card Interface

Number of Processors


Boost upto


Keyboard Type

Lithium Battery Voltage

Number of Lithium Metal Cells

Best Second Hand Laptops For Sale

Whether you're a student or a working professional, it might be challenging to find the perfect reconditioned laptop that meets all of your requirements. You will inevitably become confused because there are so many options available and new models are introduced virtually every day.

Here Are Five Crucial Factors To Think About Before Making This Significant Purchase:

1. Operating System

Choose the operating system (OS) that best meets your needs among the three primary OS available today: macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS. The top users of Windows include professionals, gamers, and students on a budget.

Top-notch security is a feature of Apple's macOS. If you own more Apple devices, you may sync them with one another to build a complete ecosystem that makes it simple to access messages, contacts, applications, and other services.

Compared to macOS and Windows, Chromebooks running Chrome OS offer fewer functionalities. If all you use it for is internet surfing, schoolwork, and media consumption, it's a terrific pick.

2. Display And Graphics

Today's laptops often include integrated graphics. In other words, the GPU is connected to the motherboard. A laptop with a dedicated GPU is only necessary if you engage in intensive gaming or video editing. Otherwise, computers with Intel and AMD GPU may run simple versions of Lightroom or Photoshop.

The display is another item to take into account. You can buy laptops nowadays with displays ranging in size from 17 inches to 11 inches. Examine the choices and pick the one that appeals to you. The screen resolution is also very important. Invest in a laptop with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080. The screen becomes sharper the higher the resolution.

3. Storage Capacity

The used laptop has superior background performance thanks to more storage. Make sure the storage space meets your demands so that you may save data without any problems.

4. CPU And RAM

The most widely used CPUs right now are those made by AMD and Intel. Choose the most recent 11th-generation chipsets with the performance boost from Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9, depending on your performance requirements, if you're considering an Intel CPU.

The most recent models, the AMD Ryzen 4000 and 5000 series offer performance comparable to or greater than Intel Core i5 and i7 processors at a lower price. In June 2022, Apple's newest M2 silicon chip was introduced. It has an 8-core CPU and 9–10 GPU cores are supported.

A minimum of 8GB of RAM is required to do demanding tasks like gaming. Going with 16GB for smoother operation is no problem if you have the money.

5. Battery Life

Battery life may have an impact on your laptop purchase decision depending on your usage. An average battery life is sufficient if you only want to use it for fundamental tasks like word processing. A laptop with long battery life is necessary if you use media often, such as streaming Netflix.

Keep in mind that the battery backup life provided by the manufacturer is not always correct. Consider the battery life to be around one hour shorter than what is stated.

Make A Wise Choice While Buy Second Hand Laptops!

It takes time to choose the greatest laptop that meets all of your needs. Before making a decision, make careful to perform in-depth research because you'll need it later. So, make an informed choice. Increase your budget if you anticipate that your demands will increase over the next few years so that you may benefit from it later on! At NSSKart, we provide fresh replacement parts in addition to the greatest used laptops.

Second Hand Laptop Price

the benefits of purchasing a used laptop for business; The internet is constantly accessible in today's fast-paced, continuously expanding world, which makes working from any location simple. The correct tools are necessary for efficient work-from-anywhere operations. A laptop will be at the top of the list for people who value flexibility and the freedom to move about. The decision is based on your requirements and budget. However, if you want something powerful but cannot afford to pay a high price, the answer is straightforward: best second hand laptops!

These are not the same as used or even refurbished laptops, which might indicate that the item has been used previously and is being sold because it is no longer needed or has been repaired, cleaned, and made functioning once more. On the other hand, second hand laptops can not be used for very long and have to go through a number of testing before it is placed up for sale.

Here’s Why It’s A Good Idea To Be Second Hand

Unwavering Effectiveness

Buy Second hand laptops from reputable providers may offer the same efficiency as their brand-new counterparts for those of you who require a laptop for demanding work, basic or less intense use, or just to browse the internet and stream your favorite material. They nearly always include a guarantee that lasts up to a year as well.

Excellent Products At Reasonable Prices

Let's not overlook the fact that the price will be lower. You are able to acquire the finest value thanks to reasonable pricing without a reduction in the company's ability to meet all demands. They can last you as long as a new one would if used properly and cared for. These costs can't be compared to the best second hand laptop prices, but when bought from a reputable source, they will still be less expensive than brand-new laptops and again, with superior service.

Environment Friendly

The decrease in electronic waste is a fantastic additional benefit of buy second-hand laptops. You may do your part and even wind up saving money without sacrificing quality by reducing packing and ensuring that no product is wasted. The 2nd hand laptop price at NSSKart is completely affordable to everyone who wants a laptop in the best condition.

Reconditioned technology is a terrific method to receive all the advantages of work-from-home scenarios at a low cost. You are also assured of a dependable product with fantastic services, such as a 1-year replacement warranty, 50% Assured money Back alternatives, and even a 10-day return policy, when dealing with reputable, trusted companies like NSSKart. To get more details of 2nd hand laptop price, please do contact us on our service number 9717150098. 

Why Is Buying A Second Hand Laptop A Good Deal?

A new laptop is an expensive investment. Consider a second hand laptop price if your wallet runs dry and you want to maximize the worth of every rupee and penny invested.

Second hand laptops must pass rigorous inspections in order for their sale to provide buyers "value for money."

Why Is Selecting A Second Hand Laptop A Wise Move?

Let's explore the advantages of purchasing a 2nd hand laptop for sale.

1. Adapts To Changing Technologies

Keeping up with the fast advancement of technology is challenging. Buy 2nd hand laptop for sale is the only method to master technology and the rapidly developing IT industry. A competent and less expensive alternative to a new laptop is a buy-used laptop.

2. Be Eco-Friendly

Buy a used laptop because it is environmentally beneficial and emits fewer pollutants, contributing to a sustainable and green world. Lithium-ion batteries, plastic, glass screens, plastic, and exterior casings are just a few of the elements that are reused or utilized rather than thrown away. You support environmental sustainability by purchasing used laptops online.

3. The Laptop's Operation Is Not Significantly Affected

The fact that most flaws with second hand laptops are cosmetic is another advantage. Although there will be some scratches, they won't significantly affect the laptop's performance (speed, quality, etc.). The second good news is that these minor flaws may be able to get you a decent discount.

4. They Are Equally Effective As Modern Models

Another benefit of buy used laptops online is that they are capable of performing well despite not being brand-new or out-of-date. You also receive a fresh edition at a reasonable price. If we compare performance, it is reasonable to claim that 2nd hand laptops that are two to three years old may perform just as well as new ones.

5. There Is A Warranty Included

2nd hand Laptops that have warranties. On the purchase of a laptop, the reputable vendor provides a warranty. It is crucial since it gives you more assurance when making a purchase.

6. It Reduces Costs

You may save money by purchasing a 2nd hand second-hand laptop price. It doesn't put a dent in your wallet because it functions like new and is offered at steep savings. Everyone cannot afford the new laptop's expensive price because it is so new. The choice they can make at such a time is getting a 2nd hand laptop. NSSkart offers such deals on laptop second price in other words more than half price for reconditioned laptops. 

The choice appeals to both private consumers and commercial companies.

7. The Apparatus Is Examined For Flaws

It has been verified and tested. 2nd hand laptops are more dependable than new ones when it comes to operation. You can be confident you won't get a dead laptop because these devices have passed a rigorous inspection. The damaged components have already undergone repairs, and they are now usable.


A 2nd hand second-hand laptop price is inexpensive and keeps you up to date with the latest technological advancements. Simply choose wisely and get such second hand laptops for sale from a reputable retailer like NSSKart.

Buy Best Second Hand Laptops for Sale Online at NSSKart. We have thousands of used laptops in stock and ready to ship.